Friday, July 29, 2016

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This Lavender Castile Soap is all natural . It smells absolutely amazing . It is such a good soap to be all natural . It lathers so good and after I use it , it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. It has no chemicals and other bad things for my skin . It leaves my skin feeling amazing . The lavender is so calming and smoothing . The soap really seems to get all the dead skin off and leave me feeling so good . Not drying my skin out like most soaps full of chemicals do . This soap makes my skin feel so amazing . It's not dry . If I didn't want to use lotion I wouldn't have too . This soap is really a top notch soap . I received this soap at deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews, so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others.

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