Monday, November 30, 2015

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>   <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>       I receive the Sportern Microfiber towel ultra compact outdoor sports travel towel free of charge for my unbiased opinion and I'm so in love with it. I try to take my dogs for a walk everyday and sometimes they can be a hand full and I get really sweaty . This is the perfect little compact towel to back with me . I tied mine to the tie string on my jacket. When I got sweaty I just pulled it out real easy . The towel was so soft and smooth, it soaked my sweat right up . The thing is the towel didn't even feel wet after soaking up all that sweat and I didn't have to continue the rest of my walk soak and wet with sweat. When I got home I washed in cold water and laid flat on the washer to dry . It washed up just fined . I folded it and put it back in the little pouch for the next time , I take my little fur babies for a walk , go for a run  or anything I may be doing to cause me to sweat.      <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>      <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

Sunday, November 29, 2015
This my girl coco and we reviewed Rollin Pets nail Clipperswith massage brush and storage bag. Little Coco and I are very pleased with these clippers when I cut her nails there was a guard on the clippers so it kept use from cutting to close and causing her to bleed . We have used clippers in the passed with no guard and we cut to close and caused little Coco to bleed. So that was our favorite thing about Rollin Pets nail clippers with massage brush and storage bag. Also the blades were really sharp, they cut right through my little fur babies nails, we also have used clippers that we kinda dull and would only cut half way through . We could get a good grub on the clippers so they were easy to hold. We were happy to have a good soft massage brush to massage our little girl with and calm her down very nice message brush Coco really seemed to like it . She acted like it felt really nice. Also after we finished we had a nice room storage bag to store it all away on. We are so happy with Rollin Pets Nail clippers with massage brush and storage bag. We give it 5 out of 5 stars . There is not one thing we did not like.      <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>            <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

Friday, November 27, 2015

I revie<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>wed Angel Direct 12x8 White self adhesive Vinyl Roll today.              <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>         I reviewed Angel Direct 12x8 self adhesive vinyl roll today. They were kind enough to send me a roll for free or deeply discounted price for a honest review from me. It's great paper it's very versatile. 

                                                                        It's supposed to be used with die cut stamp,but you can use a craft knife or scissors . This is a example of what I did. I just took stencils and traced them on the self adhesive vinyl roll paper and took my craft knife   and then cut them out 

After that you just peel the self adhesive backing off and put it on my canvas. It is so versatile, you could really do anything with it. The options are endless. I am so happy with the quality. You can use it inside and out. A lot of people also use punches to punch out different shapes. I have many more projects I'm going to do with it. So I give Angel Direct 12x8 White self adhesive Vinyl Roll four stars. Here is the link at Amazon where you can buy it.<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>        I really like that the self adhesive vinyl roll is good quality, the self adhesive sticks really good. I just think it's amazing product. 
The self adhesive backing is real easy to pull off, I have used other products in the past that have not been so easy to get the backing off. The paper is really smooth and it was easy to trace my letters on to the paper. It also was pretty easy to cut out my
Letters with the craft knife, you could do just as good with scissors and it might be a little easier than the craft knife, if you do use a craft knife make sure to have something under it, I used a wooden cutting board. The paper was just so easy to cut. Another thing I like about it was it was light and not to thick, the self adhesive seems so sturdy . I think you could just about stick it to any surface and it would be fine and last a long time. It's really quailty paper. Also there is graft paper on the back you can use to cut straight line, measure with or if your going to draw something to cut out, it would be of good use. When you cut something out you have what you cut out to use and then you have the self adhesive paper you cut it from to use on another project or even as a stencil in the further. There just are so many uses for this self adhesive vinyl roll , you can cut it sayings and shapes to put on the wall. You can also cut out letters and shapes to put on your car windows. If you have a die cutter or a cricket you could really makes some beautiful things and this is very high quailty paper so what ever you stick it on it will be there for years to come.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for the lives we have, the family we have and the family that's not with us anymore. I'm all about shopping but I feel like this Black Friday thing has just went to far. Instead of being thankful, I feel like everyone's all ready to go shopping and thinking about material things. I'm the first person to go after a good sale. I just feel like it should be put off until Friday the day after Thanksgiving. The one day out of the year that is devoted to Thanksgiving should last all day long, not just a couple hours then off to go shopping. So even if you are going off shopping and finding those sales, I hope that you stay safe .

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Robitussin maximum strength severe multi-symptom cold plus flu non-drowsy is really good . I had the flu and I started taking Robitussin the day after I started feeling sick . It helped so much, it helped with the cough, sore throat, body aches, fever, nasal, congestion and chest congestion. Robitussin was such a life saver . I felt so bad then I took a dose and about 30 minutes later I could at least deal with being sick. I still knew I was sick but with Robitussin it was so much more barable . So if I get sick again I will definitely reach for Robitussin.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Morgan's don't run out is a new company. What they do is a box all of your toiletries up for you and send them to you every month. You get a subscription and you pick what you want and don't want for the month. This is just fabulous, you just get all your toiletries in the mail. So no more running out . They have Shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, bar soap, deodorant, moisturizer, toothpaste, tooth brushes, tissue paper and razors. All products are natural and gender friendly. The smells are just so clean and fresh. I'm totally in love with this company and I think they are just genius.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Amazing send me some concealer to try and I'm so in love with it . This is my first time using #amazingcosmetics and I really like this concealer . The color matches my skin really well . It covers up my acne, my scars, redness and my uneven tone perfectly. #amazingcosmeticconcealer doesn't show through my makeup . It goes on really smooth. I think it defently does its job well.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I have found a amazing product it's called pink zebra. They sell little sprinkle like things that you just put everywhere around your house or you can even buy little containers and wicks and make candles out of them. Oh my goodness #PinkZebra has the best smells you ever smelled in your life. I wish I could explain how good the scents are. They are strong too. I got mine in the mail today and they were inside of a envelope and two ziplock bags and I could smell them through all that. They also so have all kinds of different accessories . They're sprays and soaps . There is also a program where you can sell their products and earn #Zebradollars. If you get a chance try this #PinkZebra out . You will not be disappointed. The one thing I will say is I've not smelled anything that has a suddle light smell, they might have some just all the ones I smelled were strong. Off coarse that's what I like but I know some people don't like strong scents. Over all this product is one of my favorite.

Monday, November 9, 2015

ONESTA is a company that sells hair products. I tried their Probiotic Color Care Shampoo &Conditioner. It didn't really seem to strip any Color out of my hair but I really don't have a lot of color in my hair, just a shade darker. So I don't know how it would do on someone that has a lot of color. My hair was smooth and shiney after I used #ONESTA. I also used Probiotic Protein Treatment, it's a leave in treatment. It was my favorite it really helped make my hair shine and feel soft and not frizzy. The smell is also amazing. I will be using #ONESTAPROBIOTICPROTEINTREATMENT as part of my hair routine.
Organic Fiji is a amazing company , they have soaps lotions and things like that. I tried 2 lotions ,Fragrance Free Sugar Polish and Pineapple Coconut. My skin just soaked up both lotions . They went on my skin silky and my skin was so shiney. The Fragrance Free wants't for me , even though it's a good quality lotion. I'm all about smelling good . So if you don't like scents, this is the lotion for you. On the other hand the Pineapple Coconut was right up my ally smells amazing and last through out the day. I also tried six of #OrganicFiji soaps . Now these were amazing . I got Tuberose, Lemongrass Tangerine, Pineapple Coconut,Lavender, Cucumber Melon and Pink Grapefruit. All of them smell amazing they lather very well. I really didn't feel that soapy residue that you get from some soaps when you rinse them off. The scent last throughout the day. I'm a fan . All of their products are organic. I am really a fan of .

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well. I've been out doing a little shopping today. I'm so exhausted, but tomorrow I have lots of fashion coming and a couple reviews on some great products I've tried. I'll see everyone tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good evening . Much love 😘

Monday, November 2, 2015 Free samples from angels glam jams just follow the link. They also have their Christmas sets right now.
Hey guys, I've been out shopping today . If you like candy, you need to go out to your local #Walmart and #FamilyDollarStore. All Halloween stuff is half off. I went a little over board and we will have candy for the next year. I got all this for $24.00 but it would have been $48.00 so I'd say I did good . I love a good sale . I would say that all the Halloween stuff is half off at all stores . Those are just the stores I was at today . Off coarse if you wait a couple days it will be on sale for 75% off . The problem is everything is usually picked over and you might not get what you want. So if you want some good candy that's on sale , you better run out and get it. I hope everyone has a good evening😘