Friday, November 25, 2016

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I love this set so much . It is a 5 piece stainless steel grill and griddle set . It comes with 2 easy to grip spatulas, 1 chopper and 2 condiment dispensers. Everything is made with the highest quality. I use all my stuff outside on the grill as well as inside too. These 2 spatulas are my favorite, nothing sticks to them and no matter how big or small what I'm cooking is , these spatulas are going to handle it . The chopper is not only perfect for chopping vegetables and things but after chopping them I can just scoop everything up on it and add it to my bowl or whatever . It saves so much time because I have very small hands and I would have to do 3 or 4 handfuls , I can just pick everything up at one time with this great chopper . These condiment bottles are great also . I usually use mine for oil and vinegar but these can be used for marinated or any kind of condiment you wish . They are leak proof so that's a big plus . Everything about this set is amazing and I couldn't live with out mine . I literally use it everyday . #EZgripBBQkit 

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