Thursday, November 12, 2015

I have found a amazing product it's called pink zebra. They sell little sprinkle like things that you just put everywhere around your house or you can even buy little containers and wicks and make candles out of them. Oh my goodness #PinkZebra has the best smells you ever smelled in your life. I wish I could explain how good the scents are. They are strong too. I got mine in the mail today and they were inside of a envelope and two ziplock bags and I could smell them through all that. They also so have all kinds of different accessories . They're sprays and soaps . There is also a program where you can sell their products and earn #Zebradollars. If you get a chance try this #PinkZebra out . You will not be disappointed. The one thing I will say is I've not smelled anything that has a suddle light smell, they might have some just all the ones I smelled were strong. Off coarse that's what I like but I know some people don't like strong scents. Over all this product is one of my favorite.


  1. This sounds so neat! I'll check it out. I have followed your blog. Feel free to ad me back if you wish. I'm just getting started. :)

  2. Followed you back love . I will keep up with you . Will you please keep up with my blog also.