Sunday, June 19, 2016

Baskets Bins Boxes White Canvas Cotton Storage Bin is so versatile. I use mine for so many different thing . It is collapsible and takes up no space at all while it's a folded down. Then when I need it , I just unfold and I can use it for everything. The outside is like a very thick cotton material and the inside is like a vinyl material. I can wipe anything out of the inside . Then there are two very sturdy handles on the sides. It also has ETC wrote on the outside of the bin , which I just think is cutest. I use this little bin for everything . I use it for my mail and things like that , I use it when I'm picking it the house and it saved me a lot of work . I just put all the excess clutter in this bin , then I make every one come and get there things out and put them Away.

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