Thursday, October 29, 2015

I got these seven samples from #EverydayMinerals. I am so in love , I can't wait to order the full size #EverydayMineralsface. I tried it and it was the most silky mineral makeup I have ever tried. On the back there was directions of how to put it on using a makeup brush , lightly whirl your brush through the minerals and glide your brush onto your skin, using circular sweeping motions along the outer contours of your face. It felt so luxurious on my skin and following the directions, it just glided on my skin. It felt really light on my skin and looked really natural . At the same time it still covered all my imperfections. I also got #EverydayMineralsbase, it was every bit as good as #EverydayMineralsFace. It felt so silky on my skin and was so smooth and light . If you don't like that cakey feeling that you get from regular make up #EveryDayMinerals is the makeup for you.

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