Friday, December 4, 2015

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    I got my Cassani Fogless Mirror hung in my shower. It's very easy to hang, just take the backing off the hook and place the hook on a clean shower wall. Then just put my mirror on the hook. Another hook to hang your razor beside your mirror also comes with it to hang your razor on. You hang it the same way. Thank goodness no more shaving, hairy messes in my sink from my husband. He can do it all in the shower now. This mirror will not fog up not matter what you do but you can't use any type of window cleaner on it. It's also shader proof so if it was to fall there are no safety issues. I'm just loving it, I can finally see to wash my face. I've had other mirrors in the shower before, but they were if no use . I like my water so hot, they would fog up every time. I ran just plain hot water with no cold and still this Cassani Fogless shower mirror did not fog up. Finally I can see to wash my face in the shower or what ever I may need t do.

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