Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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     I just got this beautiful custom made tunic from Suuchi. This is the best company and its so much fun. You can pick the fabric you want, then they custom make your tunic just for you. The website has a three D model you can put your tunic on that you picked the fabric out for. They have a little chat box down at the bottom, if you have any question just click on the box and they are right there to help. They have given me the best customer service ever. It was so fun picking out my fabric and having my tunic custom made just for me. My Custom made Suuchi tunic is so beautiful and so versatile. I wore it today with jeans but you could wear with leggings. It's so comfortable. I wore mine with a belt but it looks just as fabulous without a belt. I'm having so much fun with Suuchi and they have so many other beautiful clothes . I got my eye on a beautiful scarf and a sheath dress. The website is Suuchi.com . They also have a newsletter you can sign up for and they will keep you updated on all the fun stuff going on.

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