Saturday, January 2, 2016

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I have been using Post Natal Recovery and Support belly band by Mamaway Maternity . It is a very high quality waist trainer . It is made for women that have just had a baby but can also be used as a regular waist trainer. It has 2extra compression belts so I can easily adjust to the level of pressure I'm comfortable with. It has a 3 step compression fastening technology that heals and reshapes you hips, waist, and tummy . It also is made of 20% nano-bamboo charcoal, which is know for its powerful anti-order and anti bacterial properties. I just love this as a belly band . I can wear it all day long , it moves with me without riding up. It also helps my back and my posture. It's high quality and durable construction maintains its shape , wash after wash. I can toss it right in the washing machine, in a laundry bag for ease of clean without worrying about damaging it.   #mamaway

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