Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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I got this mobility bag for my husband, it goes on the back of his wheel chair or a walker, to carry all his things. He is on oxygen and has to carry the small tanks with him. They fit perfectly in this mobility bag by secure . All of his other things fit right in his bag. Like he has to take all his medicines , when he goes to the dr. Everything fits perfectly right in this bag. It's so much easier having everything tuck away on back of his wheel chair. Before we got this bag , we had so much trouble . He was loaded up trying to pack all his things. I would be trying to push his wheel chair and packing things at the same time. We both would drop everything. It was a mess. So we are so thankful to have our mobility bag by Secure. It is such a good high quality bag, so sturdy and just holds everything perfectly. We love it and don't know how we made it without it. He is the link to get it.    #mobiltybag

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