Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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I just got Smart Weigh Smart Tare Scales. These are the most beautiful quality scales. They are black with that shiney mirror finish. They are digital scales, that have the Tare feature, this is such a amazing feature. What it is, is you step on the scale it weighs you. It displays your weight for five seconds. After that it goes back to 0.0 . You then pick you your baby or pet or just whatever you wish to weigh . These scales will subtract your weight and give you the weight of whatever you picked up. I think this feature will come in handy. These scales are just made so well and so beautiful. I've weight myself and I just can't get enough of them . They just look so beautiful sitting in my bathroom as well. They also have a two year warranty. Here is the link to get them at Amazon.  #smartweigh

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