Thursday, February 18, 2016

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I have listen to Brandon Colker's How to make big bucks from big blogs. This is a book that Brandon has wrote from experience and although . This will help beginning bloggers, I also feel like a seasoned blogger could learn a few things. I though this was a very good book . He touched on some great topics and the biggest thing I got from the book was the importance of planning everything and not taking any short cuts . Basicly he says the more work you do in the beginning the better. He talks about doing everything right . Always tell the truth , never over sell yourself or your product. He talks about the importance of your readers trust and once you loose that trust you loose the reader. One of the main things he talks about is passive income, what it is and things you can do to be able to achieve and get passive income. I felt like he is a very experienced blogger and I would definitely read another book of his. He touch on a lot of other ideas but these were the main things. I would for sure recommend the book to a beginning blogger as well as a seasoned blogger. #BrandonColker

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