Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I am do in love with my Orgalif bento lunch box containers. We use them for so many different things. We pack our lunch in them and I can throw it down in my purse and not have to worry about anything leaking out . The lid clicks on and nothing is getting through unless I take the lid off. I have packed a salad using other containers and had a big mess because I had salad dressing over everything in my purse. I also like that there are separate sections . It makes it easy to keep my food desperate and I don't have to worry about everything mixing together. I also fix meals for my husband he is on a special diet . I stack his food in the refrigerator and we use dthe different color lids for different things. For example green would be for breakfast. It also makes it easier that they are freer safe, dishwasher safe refrigerator safe and microwavable safe. We just love these containers . We use them so much and they are such high quality containers. 

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