Monday, February 8, 2016

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I have been using This Gurin flat iron. I just love it . It's so light and easy to hold. It just glides right through my hair. When I turned it on it heated up in no time at all. It has different temperatures and I can set it at which ever temp. I wish. I only have to run it through my hair, I run it through one time and it's so straight and shiney. I can also curl my hair with it . I just put y hair in small sections and wrap around. Then I have shiney brachy waves. Gurin is just a amazing brand . I have several of there products. Everything thing I've ever got from Gurin has been such high quality. It's come to be a name that I trust. This flat iron is my favorite. I have flat irons I've paid $200.00 for and I would rather have my Gurin. You can get it here.      #hairstraightner 

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  1. I'm so in love with this flat iron . It does a amazing job on my hair!