Saturday, March 12, 2016

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My Fitness a2z Pilates ring magic circle is a great package. It includes resistance bands, a ebook with free stencils and a 3 year guarantee. It is made of high quality material . It is made of fiberglass, covered by durable rubber and soft cushion foam handles on the sides. Fitness a2z Pilates ring helps maintain flexibility, strengthens and tones your body. When you buy this , you get a great tool, idea for all fitness and experience levels no matter where you are in your Pilates practice. It helps maintain proper alignment, strengthens and tones. The resistance bands are comfortable, light weight and very strong. The Pilates ring also introduces thigh, abdominal, and arm exercise, focuses on balance , flexablity and strength. This is just a amazing set I can use anywhere, at home , while I'm traveling. It's so easy to pack and it's real easy to use. I am happy I bought this Pilates ring. I use it , unlike other exercise equipment is lying all over my house not being   Used. #fitnessa2z

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