Thursday, March 17, 2016

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This knife block is a great knife block. The great thing about it is it goes in a  drawer . I'm all for getting clutter off my counter so if I can get something else in a drawer. This knife block is also so beautiful, it's a dark wood. This knife block also holds plenty enough knifes. It keeps all my knifes in one place all together. It also is keeping my knifes from getting dull , because they are in this beautiful knife block. It's also the perfect shape to easily fit into any drawer. When your looking for the right knife , you don't have to keep guessing and pulling out and pulling out until you get the right one. I put mine in ordered from smallest to largest , so I know where each knife goes and each knife has its own spot. So when I want I certain knife , I just go to that knife and get it. #knifeblock.

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