Monday, March 21, 2016

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Dolce Caffe Best Stainless steel coffee Dripper is reusable pour over coffee maker. It has a heat resistant handle for easy pouring over. It serves 1-2 cups pour over coffee brewing effectively gives me control over each step of coffee dipper. I can experiment and find the perfect calibration of water and grind for my unique taste. I rinse the filter with hot water before use to preheat the filter before use. Then dump the water and fill the filter with ground coffee, gently tapping the edges to even the bed. Then begin a brief stage of pre- infusion. Pour about 10% of the total water evenly across the coffee. Start a timer and wait 30-45 sec. This releases gases that build up during roasting an event seen in the blooming of fresh coffee . Immediately afterwards, continue pouring in slow circular in and out motion for about 90 seconds or so. Then continue pouring directly into the middle of the filter, keeping the water level consistent. Shoot for a total brew time of 3:00-3:30. Lastly remove the filter from the server , dump the grounds scrub the filter and serve coffee straight from server. I'm loving my coffee made like this . Real easy clean up also.

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