Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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My Premium Magnetic Screen is made from premium mesh. Magnets are hidden inside the seams. Velcro is sewn into the mesh. You can feel the difference of high quality mesh. Polyester is used in instant bug mesh ,a stronger, more durable mesh which feels soft and us machine washable. Also keeps more bugs out. Competing mesh products generally use light weight polyester with seams that are heat sealed , rather than sewn in, to save on manufacturing cost. Using a combination of long metal strips and strong metal blocks, instant bug mesh and magnets are sewn into the seam providing perfect seal from top to bottom. Magnets from competing mesh products are fastened in plastic clips leaving gaps where bugs can sneak in. With regular use these clips the plastic clips come loose and fall off . Instant bug mesh has full length Velcro strips sewn into the mess across the top and down each side. Additional push pins are provided for a easy installation, strong enough to handle heavy house traffic. No tools are needed to install. I just love my mess door . I'm able to get fresh are and have a door to keep all the bugs out. #instantbugmesh

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