Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Body Budd Pull-up assist ban, chin-up max, P90X, 3 Pv set includes Guide, carry case and door anchor. The assist band chosen by Athletes & Pro's non slip foot straps. Safety hooks, durable and resilient buckles, all combined for a perfect safe support. The advanced band chosen by Athletes &Pro's strengthen the entire upper body, push my results further , shape up your legs , hips, shoulders and arms. Also get a nice toned core. The band that gives an adjustable amount of lift , work your way up to do more, un-assisted pull-ups , before you know it you will be a professional at pull ups . Chip up assist band are important to baseball pitchers for the acceleration phase of throwing as well as tennis forehand. Body Budd is well designed with you in mind. Body Buddassist band makes it easy for me to work out at home or traveling, just anywhere or anytime , I want to workout, I can. This set has worked out so well for me. I've been able to work at my own pace. Then slowly work my way up. These are great quality resists bands. I am so happy with mine. I received these Ressit bands in exchange for my honest opinion.   #BodyBudd

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